Single-use only; do not reprocess

Contour Healer temporary abutments are provided non-sterile: autoclave before use [see below]

Do not dry-heat sterilize Contour Healer Temporary Abutments

Instruct the patient to see a trained dental professional immediately if any of the following


  • Looseness of the prosthesis
  • Infection or exudate around the implant
  • Pain or any other unusual symptom that the patient has not been told to expect.
  • To minimize heat generation during intraoral preparation, intermittent cutting (approximately 15 seconds in duration) under copious irrigation is recommended.
  • Do not over-tighten the screw. Over-tightening could strip the threads or break the implant.
  • Appropriate tightening of the screw is essential to prevent premature loosening. The retaining screw should be hand-tightened only, using the corresponding drivers to match the implant system being used.