The Contour Healer was developed and patented by Trey White, a general dentist in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  After years of restoring implants in the molar region and constantly seeing and hearing about food traps and aesthetic shortfalls due to poor emergence profiles, Dr. White searched for dental laboratories and implant sales representatives who might have an answer.  Instead, he found that custom healing abutments were the only solution available.  This required either a second stage surgery or excessive chair time during the initial surgery, bonding in a bloody surgical field, yielding less than optimal results!

Prototypes for a contoured stock healing abutment were developed and improved upon with the input of many periodontists, oral surgeons, GPs, CDTs and implant sales representatives until the final product came to fruition.  Patents were applied for and granted, and FDA approval followed.

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A portion of all profits will be donated to the Virginia Commonwealth University/ Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry.